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@Tasha, I understand where you’re coming from. you make a great point about praying for forgiveness…

, although the perceived perspective may be different, the reason why the glass can both be seen as half empty or half full is because the substance of what is inside is of equal value.That analogy carries no weight in this debate, because circumstances aren’t always equal in value.

I agree that sin is sin. However, to clarify my point: I am not saying that a sin is not a sin… because if you commit the very definition of a sin, then no matter what that sin is, if it is defined as a sin, then it is indeed a sin.

The point that I am trying to make is that there is a moral degrees of understanding, a virtuous levels of comprehension, and consequences to everything, including sin. I respectfully agree to disagree with the notion that no sin is greater than the next.

a lie is a lie… however the context, the intentions and the impactful effect of that lie can add greater significance to the substance to that lie… A crime is a crime, however: a misdemeanor is different from a felony. a felony is different from man slaughter, and manslaughter is different from 1st degree and premaditated murder.

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