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If someone breaks into your home and atempts to kill you and your family and you shoot that person while defending your family, is that seen as a sin or is it seen as self-defense ( an eye for an eye).

if you tell me that you will arrive at my birthday party at 8pm, but you somehow got stuck in traffic and you arrived at 8:30pm. does that make you a liar and a sinner, or were you a mere victim of circumstances that were beyond your control…?

When David killed Goliath, why do we view it as a heroic triumphant victory and not as a sin?

When the king of Egypt was moved by Sarah’s Beauty and he asked Abraham, was Sarah his wife, and when Abraham told the king of Egypt that Sarah was his sister, why is the perception of that text viewed by most as an act of wisdom and not as a sin… also, not only did God still keep his Covenant with Abraham, but God punished the Pharaoh for a lie that Araham told.

I am no religious scholar, nor do I pertent to be. however, the point that I am trying to make is that yes; a sin is a sin. however there is a more intricated, dynamic, and proadoxical level of understanding that exist beyond our comprehenshion. people sometimes get so caught up in the religious principles and aspects of their beliefs as it pertains to religion, and so many people are shackled by a traditional way of thinking,

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