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When it comes to religious beliefs, why does everything have to be so black and white… why do we place such limitation on the intellectual ideology of God’s understanding… Surely as the heavens is higher than the earth, so is God’s ways higher than our ways… and God’s thoughts higher than our thoughts…

Who is to say that God’s understanding of our circumstances, our situations, our mistakes, our sins, our ignorance, our intelligence, doesnt play a determining factor in the discernment of God’s Judgement and compassion.

Just as God is a God of love and peace, he is also a God of war and wrath… and just as God is a God of truth, he is also a God of understanding… Just as how he is a merciful God, he is a Jealous God… and just as how he is a God that will Bless you, he is also, a God that will Punish and curse you.

When God looks into the heart of two sinners, who is to say that God doesn’t see that the actions of one sinner greatly outweighs the actions of another sinner, based on the convictions of ones heart… I’m just saying

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