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Did you really just say, ‘bite that hand that feeds you?’ The only person that man has helped FEED as you so eloquently put it, has been himself, his family, his friends and his cronies.

In order to get expect respect, one must first earn it and then give it, the only thing that person has given the world-at-large, ‘has been headaches and sleepless nights and uncertain days with uneasy months to come. Did he respect former President Obama? Anyone that doesn’t have the income that fall into the 99% tax bracket? Is he RESPECTFUL of the following: anyone who disagrees with him? Women? People who worship a different faith? People who have different lifestyles? People who are of different ethnic background [outside of Omarosa]? Basically, anyone other than himself?

We live in what’s left of a democracy, no thanks to him. Being able to live here affords people the ability, no…THE RIGHT, to say what you like, including that person. But, YOU AND HE needs to understand the RULES and LAWS that govern this country/nation. His lack of tack and CIVILITY, will put this nation in a crisis that we may not be able to recover from. And if that is the case, I expect that you will be the first one on the line in the battle to defend his foolishness since you are so hot to defend him now.

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