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I am glad that you are standing by your statements, as is your right by the ‘that’s right, the same democracy that you seem and he deems to want to get rid of.’ I have the same right say what I want as well. I don’t dislike like him because he is a repressive, misogynist, crude, ignorant racist. I dislike him because he is stupid. I say for the following reasons: I dislike stupidity and ignorance because they are equally danger when in the position he is in. Stupid, because he doesn’t know the rules and will not learn them for what he needs to do. Ignorant because he wallows in his stupidity and thinks that ANYTHING he says and does is okay because he’s in that office. Offensive, ignorance and indifference – this is not a game. I will never agree with anything he does or stand for. That’s your wagon: you can push it or pull it.

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