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Jokes on you: By: Mask

So many people live their lives as if they’re comedians.
They use the platform of life as a stage for the stand-up of their ignorance

If you use the endangerment of your life as a prop,
To showcase the foolishness of your immature acts,
I view you more as a clown than a comic,

When you use your life to act like a clown,
Death ultimately burst your balloon.

It’s funny how so many find the un-funny to be so funny,
Playing dangerous games with drugs, guns, and alcohol may seem to be fun .
Playing with your life may seem like a joke,
however, no one seems to find death to be funny.

You could continue to laugh to death
while not realizing that you are laughing unto death.

You can allow your present to laugh your life away,
But your future won’t find it to be funny,
When your past comes back to laugh at you in your face.

You could sit on your ass and continue to laugh your ass off,
But one day, sooner or later, time will allow
You’re past to literally laugh your ass off.
Death finds it Hilarious when you finds life to be a joke

The joke will be on you,
If you continue to take your life for a joke.
We must strive to become kings and queens, and not jokers.

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