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I love what you wrote because you were telling the absolute truth. As women, we allow society to dictate ‘what beauty is and how we are seen/measured up to that standard of beauty?’ We pluck, pull, peel, bleach, color, weave, cut, starve, work out, fast, paste, glue, pack in [clothes & shoes], and any other torturous thing that we do in the name and sake of beauty – as society, dictates.

The question is: ‘can you remember when someone told you to develop YOU?’ That’s because we live in a youth obsessed world. People don’t respect the elders until they need advice, help, bail money or their inheritance?! 🙂 But, seriously, some people are very self aware and are confident in who they are. We all get to a point where we stop torturing ourselves for the sake of ‘what society says as it pertains to beauty.’ And that’s a good thing. As far as developing our inner selves, the question that you should ask is, ‘I am the same person that I was 10 years ago?’ ‘Do I still have the same mentality as I did in back then?’ ‘How have I grown and improved myself for the better?’

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