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This is a difficult conversation, because change can be a good thing or change can be a bad thing. Change can be a double edge sword… and so the key word in this discussion is constructive or positive change. Most people aren’t open to change period, whether it be negative or positive.

Now, I know that I might be in the minority on this one, but one of the biggest problems that occurs in relationships are people aren’t always open to change or people are often afraid of change… And therefore as a result many times people out-grow each other. When I say change, I mean changing your mentality, changing your attitude, changing your perspective, changing your eating habits, changing your environment, or changing your lifestyle.

One of the greatest detriment in society as a whole is comfort. Comfort is a double edge sword. We spend our whole lives seeking comfort, but comfort can become a disease when you get too comfortable. In order to obtain true comfort you must do so by going through some sort of discomfort… and change can be uncomfortable.

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