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Willow-Anne May 2016
Do you believe in destiny?
That you were born for a certain need
A certain path you are told to follow
Which you’ve no choice but to heed

I was born to be a hero
To protect those who are weak
I’m the one that will come running
When others begin to shriek

I jump in the way of battles
And protect the young from pain
Seeing the people that I love be happy
Is what I hope to attain

Sometimes it gets lonely
Standing out amongst the pack
Sometimes it gets scary
Having a target on your back

When people see great power
They want to make it their own
The fact that one day I might lose
Is something I’ve always known

But knowing I’ve done some good
And that I might’ve saved a friend
Every single sacrifice I’ve made
Was worth it in the end

So it’s with a smile on my face
And with a kiss, I say goodbye
Don’t you shed a tear my love
‘Cause sometimes heroes die

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