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Tawana NealyTawana Nealy

Yasssss… Judge. Dang, I don’t have to say nothing. The judge has done it all. He really checked her. Like he said, she needed somebody to check and he was the right person to do it. She must not watch his show to know that he ” Do Not ” take none sense. Where did she get her information from. Know the facts WENDY or Mathis will come directly to your show to get you hehehehhee ??. He placed her exactly where she needed to be place, especially after putting Method man’ personal information out there!! That will teach her !!! Just plain Ole nasty for what she be doin. They can sell her anything and she’s gonna buy it. Yasssss JUDGE , ” get her” I’m happy yet another person has checked her.. when she gon get tired if it

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