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Mask AppealMask Appeal

Losing What I never Had
BY: Mask Appeal

She looked me in the eyes and told me: “I don’t love you anymore!”
With that statement, the love she had for me was forever lost;
However, I now question if her newly lost love ever had a home.
Can love be lost if love was never found?

If love is too young to die of old age,
How could the fatigue of time steal the life of a love just born?
Has anyone ever seen the unicorn of a baby with grey hair?

How could she have grown tired of our love,
When our love is still fresh in the pureness of its innocence?

She complains about the lack of development of our love,
Yet she swears that our love has fully developed.
How could she no longer love me no more,
When she no shorter loves me no less?

The depth in which she claimed to have fallen in love with me,
Is not reciprocal to that of the depth
In which she now claims to have risen out of love with me.

The confusion of our love is that the introduction of our love
Began with the conclusion of our love.

So, how could she have risen up out of the depth
For which she sunk,
By rising up from out of a shorter distance
Than that of the distance for which she sank…?

With the jubilee of one unremorseful breath,
Her voice killed the proclamation of the love
In which her heart swore for me.

The evidence is common sense;
True love cannot die such a hasty death.
I now know in the end,
That she never truly loved me in the beginning.

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