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Wow! it is really bad. I think that society also plays a role too. I am not one of these dudes who is always blaming the system, but I do think that there is merit in giving some blame to the system in this case. It seems like there has always been a witch-hunt out for men (especially black men) for years.

The prison system should be credited for the feminization of a men in today’s society. I also give some blame to hip-hop culture, because to a certain extent, hip-hop allows the perception that it is cooler to be a thug than a man.

I never had no father or no father figure, but I became a man by staying true to my identity and not being a follower. A real man is very hard to find. A good black man is like a two dollar bill, you rarely see them. Ladies if your man ain’t on his job, I understand that sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, but Just being a black man now-a-days is a 9 to 5 in itself… so we need you to uplift us. stop trying to be his mama and be his Lady. be his Queen.

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