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My view(s) on child support is this – I truly believe that the system should be overhauled aka ‘restructured.’ We know that most cases are usually the ones that are sanctioned through this system or via the court system due to no response sent from the requested party, but believe it or not women are sanctioned, too. The system tries to place the child in the best living situation for the child/ren. This system is suppose to SUPPORT the child/ren, ASSIST the child/ren, with the necessities of daily living. This is not a ‘CHECK’ for the custodial parent to live off of as if it is a PAYCHECK. Paychecks comes from jobs. And we all know about state of employment in the United States, as well as the world at large. This is another argument altogther, back to the question at hand. All cases and domestic situations are different, and many people find themselves coming to this agency for assistance for numerous reasons. Situations that you can’t possibly imagine or would believe if you heard them for yourself. Some people in this world will not support the children that they created, they will not acknowledge said children, other people will not support their children claiming that they believe the child is not theirs [lack proof of establishment of paternity], others are product of divorce, some people are taking children across state lines or moving around and withholding visitation and payment as ‘punishment,’ to the other parties because they are mad that they are no longer together with the mother or father [whatever the case may be] that person is with someone else. All kinds of crazy stuff.

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