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Marline RobinsonMarline Robinson

When it comes to the whole child support thing, it’s double standards!!! Being that I deal with those cases with the state. I am first hand to see how man are being abused by women and I see how women are single parents out there too. The word “SUPPORT” is to help care for that child/children. It is not for you to go and take care of yourself or share with the next sibling or even take care of bills in the home with it. It should be solely for the child/children(by that I mean to take care of them with personal needs, clothes, shoes, etc). My reason being is, if the support was not there we as parents will still need to make sure that the child/children’s have a roof over their head and utilities expenses paid because they did not ask to be here. You have kids that have parents that are deceased and the single parent that’s left raising that child still have to go on with care for that child/children. Now does some women goes over board with the child “YES” some if they get a baller, athlete, or even a celebrity it’s a rep, they hit the jack pot. Now is there a lot of grown man that are still in a little boy mentality “HELL YEAH” and deserve it!!! I strongly agree. Now are there some real man out there that are willing to take care of their kids and deserve for that child support to be thrown out YES! It’s a double standard and it’ssomething that Would never be understood. It’s a shame on both parts you ask me!!!

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