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Julie GelinJulie Gelin

@marline i disagree when you say that it shouldn’t be to pay bills or split with the other siblings… One, that child lives in that house which requires lights, food, water etc, if this isn’t provided how am I taking care of the kid/kids… Two, if the sibling needs something and I have that cs money for one child, yes I’m using it to care for the other as well, shit this is a team in my house (speaking in general)… Three, a child does not need 300 to 500 dollars or however much you get a month for that child, so what is the mother to do with the rest, I say bank it and save or pay bills with it… There’s no way a mother gonna provide clothing one month and the next month a bill needs to be paid and she gonna be like oh no I can’t touch that, its for his child… Screw that ma’am put that light bill on this cs card, thank you…. what ppl needs to understand is that cs is to take care of whatever needs the child cannot live without and that requires everything that I’m holding down in the house… Not to just put clothes on the child’s bank… Whatever comes up short and you have some cs money…..use that cs money#period

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