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@ Julie sorry I know you one of Mask people, but imma have to go in on you with this one. it seem like you in your feelings. You making point based on your experience, but im talking about overall in general. 1St off you said if your bm fucked up the money, like im just suppose to easily overlook that. Its both parents responsibility to be responsible. The money is coming out of my check for the specific reason of me not having to buy diapers. Plus what you say is like, if I have a job and I get paid $800 every 2 weeks, if im careless and spend up all of my money, i cant go back to my job and ask them for $20 more dollars before the next time i get paid.

You only looking at it from your standpoint as the mother, but its 2 side to everything. Alotta times the dude who on CS got other kids they gotta provide for, plus nigga got bills, cars notes, rent. Even if thats my child that doesnt mean that i got the money to spend on top of the money thats already coming outta ny check. If the baby dont have diapers who’s to blame? You wanna blame me as the father for not giving you extra money to buy diapers, but its your responsibility as the mother to buy the baby diapers with the money that im giving
You.THATS WHY IT IS CALLED CHILD SUPPORT. The money is so that you could support the child, not so you could fuck it up.

Also, when you say they taking little outta y i ur check, it goes according to how much you make.
Shit if they only taking little, its because im only making a little.

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