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I’m not speaking from experience because my baby straight… He’s 10 and doesn’t need diapers… My baby father is an excellent dad, so just to clarify that part…. Two, all I am saying is the baby did not ask to be here, neither did the child choose their parents, you guys choose each other so whatever whoever is doing just make sure the baby had what he or she needs by any means necessary, because the child had no control over what the mother does with the cs… At the end of the day that is your child along with hers but if she is clearly irresponsible, just have a back up plan for YOUR baby… That’s the bottom line, take care of the baby, it’s not hard… But I get your point yes the mother should make sure the baby is straight before she fuck up the money but if she is an irresponsible mother, the child should not have to suffer is all I’m saying… My whole point is just make sure the baby is good, rather you’re doing more or whatever, that’s your child… You already know majority of the time the system is on the mother side so you’ve lost in that dept, but as his father and the love you have for your child go get the diapers… I’m sure you will then know you have a sorry ass bm, so just have a back up plan to make sure your child doesn’t go without by keeping extra stuff at your house if you can… That’s all I’m saying… That’s just like us as mother’s when you guys are not on cs and choose not to do for your child as a mother by all means we gonna make sure our child doesn’t go without…shit some of yall father’s doesn’t realize it’s more to taking care of a child than buying things for them… Shit half of the father’s out there doesn’t even go to school conferences for their child, doctor visits, let alone even be great role models for them or even be there when they are sick, but best and believe them mother’s gonna come through..#team take care of the child?

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