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Ok you want war, i could give you war. i tried to warn you, but I guess you feel like playing with fire today so here we go. Imma do you like pookie from newjack city. check it out:

I was thirsty for love, then my eyes took a sip in your direction…. My vision got a taste of your beauty and it was exquisite… Your face is like a wine glass and your beauty is like fine aged old wine being poured into the shimmering crystal of your face… My eyes got a tast of your beauty and it was like champagne being poured into my eyes… Your reflection is so refreshing that my eyes wanna swallow every drop of you… I wanna stare you down as my eyes gulp you up in a straw of amazement… My vision is intoxicated with the disbelief of how beautiful you are. I am drunk off of your beauty.

#dontwakeupthesleepinggiant #staydown #thenextoneisforyourmama #sityour5dollarassdownbeforeimakechange

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