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The quietest one in the room is always the one to fear the most, because you will never know their capabilities. The difference between me and you is that im always 1 step behind you and 2 steps in front of you. I could do what you do but you cant do what I do. Temperature is rising, you leave me no choice, but to turn up. This is dedicated to your sister as well:

She calls me the weather man, because I could predict her forecast…. I induce the rain and leave her soaking wet in passion….
Together we facilitate a tropical storm.
I strike her like lightning and she roars like thunder…. With no raincoat, I boldly enter into the floodgates of her stormy passage, endrenched in her pouring rain…. Our quiet storm erupts into a category 5 hurricane, when I motion in the sea of her ocean like a twirling tornado…. When the eye of the hurricane emerge and she reach her peek… she scream out: ahh hail!!! As I unleash sleet thats white as snow! ❄

Lets stop this right now, this aint the poetry lounge. Im late for work messing with you #gameover #hemademedoityall #yomamaisstilloncrackrock

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