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Can the girls get in on this? And by the way, it’s not about being rated R all the time unless your vocabulary is limited and you cannot express yourself any other way. It can be seen as a crass, immature and ignorant – especially, if that is all you have. The best comedians in the world will tell you that. Here’s my contribution…

There’s Nothing Like a Beautiful Black Man

always the topic of endless conversation
some would like to think the center of creation
there’s nothing like a beautiful black man
you ask me how I know
years of intense observation
while listening to stories that other women have told
black men possess a style that’s distinctively all their own
dark somber pools cast the reflection of a world often cold
it comes with centuries of harsh treatment a bitter resentment
along with the secrets that weren’t suppose to be told
his back is broad from shouldering the weight of society
tired and tattered he stands beside me
his hands and arms – a balancing act
present and the future an uncertain path
as he walks towards his future seeing to reach his goals
driven to succeed by a force beyond his control
possessed by the passion deep within his soul
my undying love he has that much he knows
there’s nothing like a beautiful black man
a man that’s committed when things get rough
a man who knows when to call my bluff
a man that’s isn’t afraid to show his true emotions
a man that can stand by his words and devotions
there’s nothing like a beautiful black man
not with words sometimes but in his actions
he stands his ground with intensity and compassion
a relationship that is built on more then sheer physical attraction
there’s nothing like a beautiful black man
he thinks about us and how we should be
a man can never be more the what he has chosen to be
as the years go by and time takes away
these precious gifts love gave to me yesterday
I will remember the love from his heart
the look in his eyes
the arch in his back as he strutted with pride
from the promise he made to me to make none that he couldn’t keep
to the promise he made as he kneeled at my feet
as I look down in to my dearest eyes
he looked very passionately into mine – then…and only then
at the exact moment I really knew he was all mine
because there’s nothing like a beautiful black man

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