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Lonnie ClantonLonnie Clanton

Alot of women put their kids father on child support out of spite. But they sometimes sell them selfs short bcuz child support inforces the father 2 pay pennies compared to how much it cost to really take care of a child. Then if he misses payment or 2 his license may get suspended or worse thrown in jail…who does this help…not the mom not the child not even the state wins bcuz they are forced to pay for his stay while he sits in the county jail awaiting a court date. The mom doesn’t even have to work yet she isprovided with a lawyer by the state while the father sits in court praying for leniency.
All these issues just further complicate the relations bewteen the father and child.
I think child support is the most ridiculous rights for kids that America could have came up with. ..notice i said the chils support system and not child support itself .

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