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There’sa song by Otis Redding. “Sitting by the dock of the bay” that song is very soothing and powerful. It makes me think about life way back in the days.

When they didnt have no internet, they couldnt afford no tv. You was force to spend time with time, with no distractions to ecape your focus from off of the moment. Time arrested you and you were a prisoner of the moment. In the song he said: im sitting here resting my bones, and this loneliness wont leave me alone. 2000 miles I rome, just to make this dock my home. I have nothing to live for, looks like nothing’s going to come my way…. Its sad, but yet rejoicing, because it makes me wonder and think about what the slaves use to do to kill time. They used to enjoy the little things like sitting on the dock of the bay.

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