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Wow, Wanderers Path!

great points, its hard to dispute anything you said, but I think that we may have to agree to disagree on this one. now I cant speak for no other man, but as for me personally, I’m wired a little differently. “Complex-Simplicity” is how I would defined my perspective. I find value in the things that most people may find not to be so valuable. so many times we pay for things that life gives us for free. the price shouldn’t always dictate the value… for me I guess the ring itself would be more so a symbolization of the vessel that carries the spirit of the love that is the inspiration for the ring.

If I give you an inexpensive ring in the spirit of true love, then the substance of my intentions is a greater reflection of the ring’s truth value. jewelry has never been my cup of tea. I value my African and Bob Marley bracelets like there’re worth $50,000… and although she may not be as simplistic as me, I hope that she would understand that what makes the ring priceless is not what it’s worth, but instead what it represents.

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