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Thief in the night By: Mask

You were the thief who stole my prize possession.
You stole the very thing that was most valuable to me.
You robbed me of you… when you stole yourself away from me.

Like a thief the night… she took off in the mist of the night.
She was the heartless crook who stole my life,
When she stole herself from out of my life.

The equivalent of a mother taking the life of her child;
she penalized me with death after she had once given me life.
It hurts my heart to know that she was stolen from me,
But it kills me even more to know that she was the thief,
Who stole herself away.

Image how the day would feel,
If the sun had somehow stole light away from it and left it in darkness.
My muse stole my inspiration.
My peace of mind stole my sanity and made me insane.

A diamond detached itself from off of a ring for which it was forged
and now I can no longer propose in marriage.
My sweetheart stole my heart and left me with a bitter heart!

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