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Josephine is stating what past generations have been saying for a long time – ‘you will live with the decisions that you make.’ After childhood, you cannot blame everything bad that happens to you on someone else, you must take responsibility for your actions and the decisions that you have ultimately made. Our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc, have cried, died, bled, and did what was necessary to get us to this point. When you look at the world and start believing that EVERYTHING is a conspiracy and other people are holding you back you need to [take the mental chains off your mind, raise yourself up]. Yes, it sounds easier said that done, and we know that it isn’t. It is a battle, and nothing worth having in this life is going to come easy to you. No one said, ‘that this life or anything in it is promise to you, or will be given to you.’ There is an old saying, ‘free your mind and your ass will follow.’ Too many people have decided that it is okay to wait for someone else to come along and just give them something without proving that they can earn it. Circumstances are very difficult to overcome, we cannot make light of this. But, at the same time, everyone will not overcome these barriers, nor will they make it over the crime, drugs, abuse, disparity in education, employment, etc. Many people have done just that. But, we have become a world that have gotten lacks with telling our children that you don’t go to school to cuss out the teacher who trying to teach you. You might to learn that there is a presence that is stronger than you and one day you will bow down when you think you just can’t go any further [but you don’t want to go to church, cool – drop on your knees and pray to whatever deity you feel will help you as long as it’s not Beelzebub]. Learn something besides getting into to trouble, rebelling without a good reason or raising hell just because you can. The statistics are there. We consume much more than we produce. Do I like everything that Josephine that said, no. But, needless to say, she did tell the truth. We have lost sight of what must done, too concerned about the superficial instead of what is really important. People need to get their act together.

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