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AnishaRay RayAnishaRay Ray

I agree there are systematic challenges that black people face however, it’s not impossible to overcome them. I agree with what she’s saying as far as the culture is different. Caribbean and African families have different culture and expectation from their children. When you’re expected to bring home A’s and nothing lower than a B no questions asked, it makes you work hard to reach those expectations. Also she’s right as far as a child raised in a single mother household may not strive as far as a 2 parent household. Especially in the hood. Also the education system is not the same as in a suburban area. I know that from experience. Chance the Rapper is doing the right thing by investing money in these children education in Chicago. And we need to expose these children in the hood to better things. It’s not only about being a baller or a rapper. We can show them there’s more to life. Show them they have the opportunity to travel and see there’s more to life than seeing crackheads and fiends, and messed up books, and hate.

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