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and just to show you the difference between most white people and black people. When Donald Trump was running for president he made a statement that just shows you how profound the difference is between most of us. He stated that he had to work real hard for everything he got. He started from the bottom and made his way up. He said that no one helped him out …………(wait for it)…… and he said that his dad did not really help him out, because all his dad gave him was a million to start.

His bottom is 1million dollars. Image if 50% of all black people had a million dollars to start off with. I applaud her for trying to encourage black people to do better, but the details that she left out is just as, if not more important than the details that she mentioned.

And my last point is: the reason why it is so important for her not to leave those details out, is because what you don’t want to do is to put the blame solely on black people.. and have these white people feeling innocent like they don’t play a role in the reason why so many of us are so poor. With all of the guilty, evil, and wicked shit that they did, and are still doing to some degree. we deserve a good portion of the blame, but there are a lot of white folks with dirty hands.

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