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Francisco HolguinFrancisco Holguin

Home is in Your Arms
By: Francisco Holguin

Ever since I could remember,
I’ve been searching for a place I could call home,
searching for a place I never knew existed.. until I met you.

We met on a love boat
flowing on our foundation of admiration,
yet you look at me with eyes that ask for so much
This drifts my mind into a sea of endless possibilities.
And already, I can feel you swimming in my soul,
making yourself right at home.

We shared raw sushi
and a steamy exchange of sizzling soliloquy
as if no one else were around ,
opening our minds and hearts to new opportunities.
I remember thinking;
Your laugh is a beautiful siren song
calling back to what I remember to be true happiness
and your smile, a contagious cure in a world so impure.

That night,
A fire awakens inside
A faith in us that never loses its light.
You watch me with intimate eyes,
while my hands paint your beautiful canvas to life.

The sun floods the room
waking us from the slumber of our sanctuary. From this day forward,
you guide my heart, my desires,
my thoughts, my passion, my fire,
my goals, my future, and all we aspire.

And just like that…
you’re gone.

Your absence lives in me
and in the memories we bleed.
An ocean’s vessel wounded by neglect
leaking a life that could have been.
And now, I’m left searching for a must
instead of a maybe
when it should have always been us and
I’m lost

Without you, I measure out my life
with the ruler of regret,
where the king has fallen and all has failed.
Time slowly slithers with millimeter speed,
yet the irony leads, my home is in your shell.

I’ve wandered these past years alone in the dark,
hoping one day you will remember what we have
brought to light.
I’ve always searched for you, not only in my dreams..

If only you could see yourself through my eyes
Then maybe, you would see and realize
that my love for you is royal loyalty at its high
And you are my queen that forever rules
in our kingdom on earth and sky.

In your arms,
In your embrace,
I can feel our home
where the picture frames of our family
cover the walls and nightstands.

Home is in your arms,
nurturing our internal roots
and holding together the foundation of our love
from the soil to the soul.

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