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Unrequited Love

it gets harder with each passing day
to deal with the reality I must face
no matter how I may wish or want it
the circumstances will remain that same
although this will not come as a surprise to you
I must do what I know to be best for you
possibly, the best for us
my feelings for you are sincere
for my time grows ever shorter
so in my haste please let me explain
your presence, hands, look and touch
does more than just make passion blush
or one’s heart skips a beat
never really belonging to me
moments in parts
lustful thoughts keep me at bay
I have imagined the unspeakable
as if it were cool winds after an evening’s rain
before I cause you one moment of pain I would die of loneliness and heartache
my only wish is to bring you pleasure and joy
to fill your life with an overabundance of happiness
alas it was not meant for me to do so
I wish that all your dreams come true
if I cannot be the one
I suppose she will just have to do
but if my chance you become displeased
think of us and what could be
in all of its imaginable possibilities

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