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You guys both make great points, however I am still inclined to disagree. I agree that a sin falls in the category off a sin. However, my argument is that there are levels of sinning.

Whenever I hear someone says that sin is sin, I could never truly agree. To me the ideology of that principle falls under the classification of an oxymoron…. It is a sin whenever one does not abide by the law. So that means that if you drive 32 MPH in a 30 MPH speed zone, you are committing a sin. You cannot rationally tell me that with the wisdom of your mind and through the moral compass of your heart, you could equate that sin with the sin of someone like Adolf Hitler, who killed millions of innocent people.

The sin of a homeless man stealing a sandwich does not measure up to the sins of the white boy in Sandy hook elementary killing 20 innocent kids by shooting each of them over 5-8 times.

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