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    Lashawn WilliamstonLashawn Williamston

    Would you allow or want cosmetic surgery for your teen child? How young is too young to even consider it?

    Word SmithWord Smith

    Anything under 18. After that then they free to make their own choices, but as long as they lil ass living under my roof, that choice is mine. #fu!kYoCouchN!gga

    AnishaRay RayAnishaRay Ray

    If my daughter has enormous breast and has some sort of medical issue then that’s one thing. But if she just want cosmetic surgery just to look like a IG thot, then she gonna have to pay for that shit herself lol

    Charles WatersCharles Waters

    That is a decision that you allow them to make for themselves when they get older

    Alex SmartAlex Smart

    Im open to it. If the doctors say it fine then why not. You can never be too young for anything now a day.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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