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    Charles WatersCharles Waters

    I remember how afraid people were of aids. However with the discovery of many new drugs that help in the fight of the disease.. It seems people have let their guards down.

    Larry GeorgeLarry George

    People are acting as though there is a cure. It’s a sad situation. Its amazing how people are willing to risk their lives for a few short minutes of pleasure.

    Lolly ElenaLolly Elena

    Aids is still very much around. And people are still dying everyday from aids as well.

    Mask AppealMask Appeal

    Aids is still an epidemic and a wolrd wide problem. Its a shame that just because the medicine has gotten better people use it as an excuse to be careless

    Tawana NealyTawana Nealy

    And then they want to worry about pregnancy, as if AIDS/STD isn’t the scariest part of being careless. My gosh, people look forward to being ill and possibly dying. It.. Is… real .. out. . HERE !!!! #WRAPITUP

    Omar RodgersOmar Rodgers

    Well I have one rule, whoever I invite to the O-loft… Upon entrance they must bring a health report with test results.

    Isabella GonzalezIsabella Gonzalez

    I seriously hope that people have not forgot

    Lashawn WilliamstonLashawn Williamston

    IT’S (AIDS) STILL OUT HERE PEOPLE!!!! #wrapitup

    Lisa LorenLisa Loren

    I lost one of my home girls to aids so I know that its real. Be careful. People dont walk around with there test results on their forehead…

    Sky RobertsSky Roberts

    Please be careful!! Do t think that it can have to you.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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