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    Mask AppealMask Appeal

    Share poems of time and reflection.

    Whether it’s reminiscent of the past, present or future. Introspective, reflective, thoughtful, creative, informative, heartwarming, or nostalgic. Your poem can be about a person, a place, a thing, or a time.

    State the title of poem and the author:

    Mask AppealMask Appeal

    Jokes on you: By: Mask

    So many people live their lives as if they’re comedians.
    They use the platform of life as a stage for the stand-up of their ignorance

    If you use the endangerment of your life as a prop,
    To showcase the foolishness of your immature acts,
    I view you more as a clown than a comic,

    When you use your life to act like a clown,
    Death ultimately burst your balloon.

    It’s funny how so many find the un-funny to be so funny,
    Playing dangerous games with drugs, guns, and alcohol may seem to be fun .
    Playing with your life may seem like a joke,
    however, no one seems to find death to be funny.

    You could continue to laugh to death
    while not realizing that you are laughing unto death.

    You can allow your present to laugh your life away,
    But your future won’t find it to be funny,
    When your past comes back to laugh at you in your face.

    You could sit on your ass and continue to laugh your ass off,
    But one day, sooner or later, time will allow
    You’re past to literally laugh your ass off.
    Death finds it Hilarious when you finds life to be a joke

    The joke will be on you,
    If you continue to take your life for a joke.
    We must strive to become kings and queens, and not jokers.


    Willow-Anne May 2016
    Do you believe in destiny?
    That you were born for a certain need
    A certain path you are told to follow
    Which you’ve no choice but to heed

    I was born to be a hero
    To protect those who are weak
    I’m the one that will come running
    When others begin to shriek

    I jump in the way of battles
    And protect the young from pain
    Seeing the people that I love be happy
    Is what I hope to attain

    Sometimes it gets lonely
    Standing out amongst the pack
    Sometimes it gets scary
    Having a target on your back

    When people see great power
    They want to make it their own
    The fact that one day I might lose
    Is something I’ve always known

    But knowing I’ve done some good
    And that I might’ve saved a friend
    Every single sacrifice I’ve made
    Was worth it in the end

    So it’s with a smile on my face
    And with a kiss, I say goodbye
    Don’t you shed a tear my love
    ‘Cause sometimes heroes die

    Alex SmartAlex Smart


    Mask AppealMask Appeal

    From Ing to end: BY: Mask

    Tick Tock….Tick Tock
    Life is a never ending clock that never stops.

    As the world revolves,
    We evolve to dissolve,
    From fertility to ashes.

    We never been who we was,
    And we never will be
    Who we will eventually become.

    We never really become grown,
    Because we’re always growing.
    We never really change,
    Because we’re always changing.

    Time is forever passing,
    And we are constantly growing,
    Aging, expanding,
    Evolving, dissolving, revolving,
    Changing, learning, discovering,
    Living and dying
    From ING to end.

    Life is a rollercoaster of constant motion.
    That never stops until it stops.

    Lolly ElenaLolly Elena

    Time is all. The Devine essence of time is like no other. Cherish it, live it, embrace it, enjoy it and never take it for granted.

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