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    Mask AppealMask Appeal

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    Mask AppealMask Appeal

    Thief in the night By: Mask

    You were the thief who stole my prize possession.
    You stole the very thing that was most valuable to me.
    You robbed me of you… when you stole yourself away from me.

    Like a thief the night… she took off in the mist of the night.
    She was the heartless crook who stole my life,
    When she stole herself from out of my life.

    The equivalent of a mother taking the life of her child;
    she penalized me with death after she had once given me life.
    It hurts my heart to know that she was stolen from me,
    But it kills me even more to know that she was the thief,
    Who stole herself away.

    Image how the day would feel,
    If the sun had somehow stole light away from it and left it in darkness.
    My muse stole my inspiration.
    My peace of mind stole my sanity and made me insane.

    A diamond detached itself from off of a ring for which it was forged
    and now I can no longer propose in marriage.
    My sweetheart stole my heart and left me with a bitter heart!

    Lisa LorenLisa Loren

    I hate to love him:

    by lisa

    We have a Yo-Yo type of love.
    We break up to make up, and make up to break up.
    I hate him too much to live with him, but I love him too much to live without him. We have a Yo-Yo type of love. I hate to love him, but I do. I love to hate him, but I don’t. We have a Yo-Yo type of love.

    Lashawn WilliamstonLashawn Williamston

    Love me and leave me, that’s the story of my life. But it won’t happen again see, cause the next man that love me and leave me so quick (mmmhmm) I’m going to cut off his balls I’m going to chop off his d**k. I’m gone shoot that mf…… J/k lol that’s one of my favorite lines from “don’t be a menace” OK carry on.

    Word SmithWord Smith

    Shadow of the sun By: Word Smith

    I think that she is beautiful
    She thinks that I am invisible
    To her I don’t exist
    But to me she is the reason for my existence

    I am the equivalent of her shadow;
    When she turns around she doesn’t see me.
    Death is attracted to life,
    But life in not attracted to death!
    I am the darkness and she is the light!
    The sun fell in love with the moon,
    knowing that they could never be together
    because they are two worlds apart.

    Francisco HolguinFrancisco Holguin

    Home is in Your Arms
    By: Francisco Holguin

    Ever since I could remember,
    I’ve been searching for a place I could call home,
    searching for a place I never knew existed.. until I met you.

    We met on a love boat
    flowing on our foundation of admiration,
    yet you look at me with eyes that ask for so much
    This drifts my mind into a sea of endless possibilities.
    And already, I can feel you swimming in my soul,
    making yourself right at home.

    We shared raw sushi
    and a steamy exchange of sizzling soliloquy
    as if no one else were around ,
    opening our minds and hearts to new opportunities.
    I remember thinking;
    Your laugh is a beautiful siren song
    calling back to what I remember to be true happiness
    and your smile, a contagious cure in a world so impure.

    That night,
    A fire awakens inside
    A faith in us that never loses its light.
    You watch me with intimate eyes,
    while my hands paint your beautiful canvas to life.

    The sun floods the room
    waking us from the slumber of our sanctuary. From this day forward,
    you guide my heart, my desires,
    my thoughts, my passion, my fire,
    my goals, my future, and all we aspire.

    And just like that…
    you’re gone.

    Your absence lives in me
    and in the memories we bleed.
    An ocean’s vessel wounded by neglect
    leaking a life that could have been.
    And now, I’m left searching for a must
    instead of a maybe
    when it should have always been us and
    I’m lost

    Without you, I measure out my life
    with the ruler of regret,
    where the king has fallen and all has failed.
    Time slowly slithers with millimeter speed,
    yet the irony leads, my home is in your shell.

    I’ve wandered these past years alone in the dark,
    hoping one day you will remember what we have
    brought to light.
    I’ve always searched for you, not only in my dreams..

    If only you could see yourself through my eyes
    Then maybe, you would see and realize
    that my love for you is royal loyalty at its high
    And you are my queen that forever rules
    in our kingdom on earth and sky.

    In your arms,
    In your embrace,
    I can feel our home
    where the picture frames of our family
    cover the walls and nightstands.

    Home is in your arms,
    nurturing our internal roots
    and holding together the foundation of our love
    from the soil to the soul.

    Wanderers PathWanderers Path

    It is a beautiful thing to see a man express himself with his words.
    This was lovely.

    Lolly ElenaLolly Elena

    You remind me to forget you
    By: Me

    Once upon a forgotten memory,
    I made the mistake of remembering that there existed forgotten memories of us.

    While Searching within the scrabbles of my memory’s junk,
    I found beautiful clues of old faded memories.
    My thoughts were smeared with stain traces
    Of your beautiful residue on the walls of my mind.
    I began to remember the beautiful bond that existed between us.

    I thought to myself;
    How could I ever have managed to discard
    These beautiful memories of you.
    Then as my thoughts began to materialize,
    I began to realize…as the truth became more apparent.

    I tried deeply to remember, until I was reminded
    That these lost memories existed to never again be remembered.

    These memories were buried in the casket of a broken heart,
    And to resurrect the joy
    Would be to resurrect the pain.
    I buried your light in the same grave as your darkness.
    you left my heart in such a dark place that
    Your light can never again shine in my mind.

    Sofia DovilSofia Dovil

    Great work you guys!

    Charles WatersCharles Waters

    Deep! Brilliant!

    Wanderers PathWanderers Path

    Unrequited Love

    it gets harder with each passing day
    to deal with the reality I must face
    no matter how I may wish or want it
    the circumstances will remain that same
    although this will not come as a surprise to you
    I must do what I know to be best for you
    possibly, the best for us
    my feelings for you are sincere
    for my time grows ever shorter
    so in my haste please let me explain
    your presence, hands, look and touch
    does more than just make passion blush
    or one’s heart skips a beat
    never really belonging to me
    moments in parts
    lustful thoughts keep me at bay
    I have imagined the unspeakable
    as if it were cool winds after an evening’s rain
    before I cause you one moment of pain I would die of loneliness and heartache
    my only wish is to bring you pleasure and joy
    to fill your life with an overabundance of happiness
    alas it was not meant for me to do so
    I wish that all your dreams come true
    if I cannot be the one
    I suppose she will just have to do
    but if my chance you become displeased
    think of us and what could be
    in all of its imaginable possibilities

    Omar RodgersOmar Rodgers

    I love me some me.

    Many people think that I am conceited, I am.
    Many people think that I am arrogant, I am.
    Is it a crime to be fine?
    The good book says, let your light shine!

    I mean nobody no harm!
    When I say that I am the bomb!
    I get my style from my daddy
    And I get my good looks from my mom.
    They say I look like Chris Brown,
    But that dude is a clown.
    I look better than him.
    Tall, hansome and slim.

    Its not bragging if it is true
    So dont get mad because I am telling you the thruth.
    Love yourself because there is only one you!

    Omar the great!

    Isabella GonzalezIsabella Gonzalez

    Nice ! Enjoy all of your poem’s. Very deep and lots of diversity.

    Mask AppealMask Appeal

    Losing What I never Had
    BY: Mask Appeal

    She looked me in the eyes and told me: “I don’t love you anymore!”
    With that statement, the love she had for me was forever lost;
    However, I now question if her newly lost love ever had a home.
    Can love be lost if love was never found?

    If love is too young to die of old age,
    How could the fatigue of time steal the life of a love just born?
    Has anyone ever seen the unicorn of a baby with grey hair?

    How could she have grown tired of our love,
    When our love is still fresh in the pureness of its innocence?

    She complains about the lack of development of our love,
    Yet she swears that our love has fully developed.
    How could she no longer love me no more,
    When she no shorter loves me no less?

    The depth in which she claimed to have fallen in love with me,
    Is not reciprocal to that of the depth
    In which she now claims to have risen out of love with me.

    The confusion of our love is that the introduction of our love
    Began with the conclusion of our love.

    So, how could she have risen up out of the depth
    For which she sunk,
    By rising up from out of a shorter distance
    Than that of the distance for which she sank…?

    With the jubilee of one unremorseful breath,
    Her voice killed the proclamation of the love
    In which her heart swore for me.

    The evidence is common sense;
    True love cannot die such a hasty death.
    I now know in the end,
    That she never truly loved me in the beginning.

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