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    Lashawn WilliamstonLashawn Williamston

    This is beyond me right now!!!! I can’t deal with these sex slave/cult alligations!!! One of six of the women “escaped” and ran for “help” smh I’m not buying this bulls**t I feel that everything was all good til someone got pissed and decided to blow up the spot let me know what you think.

    Mask AppealMask Appeal

    I think that the media has definitely exaggerated and made way more of it then it actually is. The media is labeling it as a sex cult to make it seem like R. Kelly is holding them against there will.

    With that said… I am not letting him off the hook.
    R. Kelly… Mr. 12 play… Mr. Step in the name of love.
    Bring dat ass here boy!

    You o’l, 50 year old still trying to sleep wit teenagers ass boi….You o’l, chocolate factory slipping pills instead of peanuts in snicker bars ass boi… You o’l, dont pee on my head and tell me that it wasnt you on the tape ass boi… You o’l, damn if I cut off my hair and got a bald head this nigga would look a lot like me ass boi…. You o’l, trapped in the closet part: 78 need to get out closet and stop keeping it on the downlow and admit that you are a child molester ass boi.

    Word SmithWord Smith

    Lol R.kelly is a damn freak!!

    Hillary AdamsHillary Adams

    Lol R.Kelly need to sit his old ass down somewhere.

    Alex SmartAlex Smart

    Its hard not to be a fan of R. Kelly’s music, but he seriously has some deep personal issues that he has to deal with.

    Isabella GonzalezIsabella Gonzalez

    If this is true I would never listen to his music again. He clearly has a problem. The worst thing is when a man, or anyone for that matter takes advantage of innocent girls.

    AnishaRay RayAnishaRay Ray

    I’ve always liked his music but never was a fan of his. He always creeped me out for some reason. He always gave off a vibe that’s off. I’m not surprised he’s into sick shit. He was peeing on little girls. That’s enough proof right there.

    Lisa LorenLisa Loren

    He so damn stupid. Now I see that he cancelling shows. They about to sue him. That what he get for always messing with them young girl.

    Larry GeorgeLarry George

    This guy is the worst kind of people. With all that money he has, yet he chooses to prey on the weak minded and young. He is a sick SOB.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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