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    Mask AppealMask Appeal

    David VS Goliath By: Mask

    Today I witnessed a bizarre fatality,
    In which a man who was six feet tall,
    Drowned in a pool that was three feet tall.

    You’re probably curious as to how he managed to drown.
    Well… This is how he drowned:

    A whirlwind full of problems came swirling in his direction,
    It in-turn caused him to stumble.
    He stumbled into a pool full of trials and tribulations.

    At first when he fell into the pool full of tribulations,
    He automatically began to panic, as the pitfalls of adversity took him under.

    He kicked and screamed!
    Kicked and scream!
    He kept screaming out for help,
    Because his faith couldn’t swim.

    He slowly began to sink in frustration,
    As he got lost in the terror of his panic.
    The whole time he was panicking,
    His conscious mind failed to realize the situation at hand.

    He could have easily rose to the occasion,
    By holding his head up and standing on his feet,
    Instead He fought for his life
    While lying on his back panicking.

    He was six feet tall,
    But he drowned in a three feet pool.

    So many times we are bigger
    Than the obstacles that we face,
    But if you make a giant out of a dwarf
    Then a dwarf will become a giant!

    Charles WatersCharles Waters

    Nice piece brother!

    Lolly ElenaLolly Elena

    This poem is a great life lesson very inspiring and motivational. We are all conquers

    Alex SmartAlex Smart

    Nice way to flip it. I totally get it. Poetry is a beautiful and powerful thing

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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