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    Lakeisha SingletaryLakeisha Singletary

    I came across a small article that spoke about the time women spend beautifying their external beauty that i thought I’d share today and it started by pointing out all the things women would do to enhance their external beauty and the time spent on doing so. From the waist trainers to give us such a fine waist line and the hair weave that we wear, to the make up we spread across our faces to enhance the outter beauty but!, what about your internal beauty? Like who doesn’t wants to be as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside? How much time do we really put into beautifying our spirits and our hearts??. As for myself, despite the fact that i already have a beautiful heart, a little polishing from time to time wont hurt. Spruce those hearts up a bit with a beautiful coat of kindness and love for one another and most importantly forgiveness. May your inner beauty shine as bright as your outter beauty.

    Mask AppealMask Appeal

    @Lakeisha well said!
    I agree 100%… Dont get me wrong there is nothing wrong with wanting to beautify yourself externally. The problem is not having the balance of beautifying yourself internally.

    Also, If one was to put the internal and external beauty on a scale, you would see that the internal beauty has a greater impact than the external. Internal beauty can be so potent that it can change the reflection of your outter beauty.

    Lashawn WilliamstonLashawn Williamston

    I could not agree more!!! That was very refreshing for the heart mind and soul this morning. Thank you @Lakeisha for sharing this beautiful passage this morning.



    Omar RodgersOmar Rodgers

    I am very beautiful externally!

    Isabella GonzalezIsabella Gonzalez

    I hear what you guy are saying, but when your in the modeling field, to be externally beautiful is your job.

    Also, Mask Appeal, the point you made about your internal beauty enhancing your external beauty. I can reverse that statment and make the same point. Its ok to strive to be beautiful externally.

    Lisa LorenLisa Loren

    I am a model too, but i understand where she is coming from

    Mask AppealMask Appeal

    I dont think that there is nothing wrong with putting efforts into external beauty. the point of the conversation is also focusing on putting energy into your internal beauty as well. Also, either way you slice it they both correlate with each other and are reciprocally related to One another.

    Outter/inner… Inner/outter.

    Sky RobertsSky Roberts

    Nice message overall,

    Lolly ElenaLolly Elena

    Inside beauty is all that matters

    Hillary AdamsHillary Adams

    Like it or not this it the way of the world. As lo g as there is a mirror available, we will always focus on the outter self, because it is what we see.

    Wanderers PathWanderers Path

    I love what you wrote because you were telling the absolute truth. As women, we allow society to dictate ‘what beauty is and how we are seen/measured up to that standard of beauty?’ We pluck, pull, peel, bleach, color, weave, cut, starve, work out, fast, paste, glue, pack in [clothes & shoes], and any other torturous thing that we do in the name and sake of beauty – as society, dictates.

    The question is: ‘can you remember when someone told you to develop YOU?’ That’s because we live in a youth obsessed world. People don’t respect the elders until they need advice, help, bail money or their inheritance?! 🙂 But, seriously, some people are very self aware and are confident in who they are. We all get to a point where we stop torturing ourselves for the sake of ‘what society says as it pertains to beauty.’ And that’s a good thing. As far as developing our inner selves, the question that you should ask is, ‘I am the same person that I was 10 years ago?’ ‘Do I still have the same mentality as I did in back then?’ ‘How have I grown and improved myself for the better?’

    Alex SmartAlex Smart

    Preach sister!!! You hit it head on.

    Tawana NealyTawana Nealy

    How did I miss this?? Omg, straight realness going on here. I agree with you ?. Yes, a lot of woman including myself at times forget who they are and become so concern with themselves on the outside, they forget enhance their spiritualit on the inside. Well said @lakeisha Singletary

    Rodger PaulRodger Paul

    sorry to say, but that’s just the way of the world. who don’t want to be beautiful.

    Hillary AdamsHillary Adams

    Rodger thats the same thing I said. It’s nothing wrong in wanting to be beautiful. I just hate when people be on that self righteous BS way too deep. We are all beautiful inside and out. How bout that

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