Frequently Asked Questions:

What is word-fencing?

Word-fencing is a social networking / social media based website, aimed towards providing users with a socially diverse all-purpose debating forum, in which users can express their views, beliefs, opinions, and perspective on various topics and subjects.

What does wordfencing mean?

The term “wordfencing” is a verbal compound component of the words: word and fencing. Theoretically, the metaphorical meaning of the actual term wordfencing is essentially a figurative sword fight with words, which in essence is a representation of a verbal or literal debate.

What inspired the name wordfencing?

The term wordfencing was inspired by the sport of fencing, which is one of the five competitive sporting activities that have been featured at every one of the modern Olympic Games. The sport of fencing is a representation of a physical chess match, which is symbolic to the structural concept of the debating platform that wordfencing provides.

What does touché means?

Touché is a French term used to acknowledge that someone (usually an opponent) has made a good, clever, or effective point. It is a term often used in the sport of fencing, in debates, and in arguments. The touché feature is the equivalent of the like feature.

Is wordfencing solely a debating website?

No. The debating aspect of wordfencing is the fundamental foundation, however wordfencing in general is a social platform for users to interact and socialize, as well as debate.

Debates are so serious! Is wordfencing only for people who like debating arguments and confrontational discussions?

No. wordfencing does not cater towards any particular group of people. Your debates are self generated. You can have a debate about your favorite cartoons, your favorite cereal, or your favorite bedtime story.

Also, the premise of your debate does not necessarily have to reflect disagreement. You can have a debate about a particular subject in which you are in total agreement with your counterpart(s). The object of debating is to create dialogue with the exchange of ideas, information, and conversation, with those who you may agree with or disagree with.

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